Offering Notarization Online for Clients near Jacksonville, FL

Do you need documents signed? If they can accept a virtual signature or wet signature, contact us! Here at Life Events Mobile Notary Services, we are proud to offer convenient notarization online. We understand that now more than ever; you rely on technology to get things done. With our help, you can get your important documents notarized remotely! Reach out today if you are a client in the Jacksonville, FL area.

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Ensuring a Smooth Process

The best way to get an online notary service is to work with an experienced professional. Our notary public is certified in electronic notarization and is approved by the state of Florida. Let us help you get your documents signed quickly so that you can get back to business! Contact us now.

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Florida allows for remote, e-notary, and hybrid notary services. If you’ve been searching for remote online notary service providers, give us a call today. We can walk you through our services and ensure you get exactly what you need. Contact us if you would like to speak to a notary public near Jacksonville, FL! We’re always available to provide more information.

Our Full Range of Services

Specialty Notary

Our notary services include power of attorney, affidavits, deeds, etc.

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Loan Signing

If you’re buying a home, let us help you get your loan signed quickly.

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E-Notary Services

Enjoy the convenience of our online and hybrid notary services.

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Wedding Officiant

Ensure a smooth ceremony with the help of our professional officiating.

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Apostille Services

Call us if you want your document to be recognized in other countries.

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If you’re searching for notary services in east Florida, reach out to our professional. We’re happy to offer assistance during those big life events that require a notary. Fill out our contact form below to get started!